The charm of the stones and the natural beauty of the diverse surfaces.

A collection of marble floors that evokes the emotion inspired by the historic floors of italian cities. A collection that rediscovers the charm of the stones and the natural beauty of the diverse surfaces, giving warmth and elegance to spaces.

Warmth and personality

Project born from the desire to transfer to the stone qualities that are rarely attributed to it: warmth and personality. By blending shapes, tones, and surfaces and leveraging ancient techniques, Città d'Italia Pavimenti enhances the material to its utmost potential.

Mastery and craftsmanship

Gathering the mastery and craftsmanship of marble artisans and, with the aid of technology, infusing marble with the flavor that history has produced over centuries, enhancing the materiality of its colors and the smoothness of its surfaces.


The flavor that history has produced over centuries.

Città d’Italia Cenerino Firenze

Città d’Italia Marrone Roma

Città d’Italia Sasso di Ibla

Città d’Italia Nero San Marino

Città d’Italia Profondo Milano

Città d’Italia Beige Venezia

Città d’Italia Gris Trieste

Città d’Italia Rosè Verona


Città d’Italia floors are entirely customizable to meet the specific needs and preferences of customers.

The bespoke composition of the floorings allows for selecting the dimensions of each tile and the finishes of the surfaces. Furthermore, clients have the opportunity to define the aesthetic characteristics of tile edges (influencing the spacing between them) providing a diverse range of refined outcomes.